As a photographer, one of the most tedious tasks we have is culling through our images after a photoshoot. Luckily, AfterShoot is here to save the day, and they’re offering some great savings for a limited time!

AfterShoot is a great tool to help you automatically recognize what the best photos are from your photoshoot. Perfect for portraits, events and more, it cuts down your culling time and gets you back to what you love — taking photos. It recognizes characteristics like blurry photos, duplicates, closed eyes and more.

Best yet, it works as both a pre-processor and a tool that can sync its metadata with tools like Lightroom Classic. So you don’t have to change the way you import your photos.

For a limited time, AfterShoot is offering Photofocus readers a yearly membership for just $99 (originally $120). So whether you’re going through holiday mini sessions or tweaking your workflow for 2022, definitely give AfterShoot a try!

Click here to claim your savings; just use the code PFBLACKFRIDAY at checkout!