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Sony’s “Visual Story” iOS app automatically organizes images, offers client collaboration
Mobile Mondays: Finding snow with the OpenSnow app for iOS
Mobile Mondays: DJI OM 4 smartphone stabilizer balances with a multitude of options
Mobile Mondays: Finding your way outdoors with ViewRanger
Mobile Mondays: Finding and tracking locations with Google Maps
Mobile Mondays: Get better audio from your phone with the Rode smartLav+ mic
The trick to getting great phone photos at night with Lightroom Mobile
Mobile Mondays: My favorite apps for night (or day) photography
Mobile Mondays: Are you backing up your mobile device images?
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How to install and use presets with Lightroom Mobile
Mobile Mondays: The amazing app for clouds and weather, day or night

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Mobile Mondays: How to scout a location

When you are planning for a photo or video project, do you wish you had an app that could help you with anything from location scouting to sun placement? There are a multitude of iOS and Android apps that do

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Nikon announces compact NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 prime

Late Wednesday, Nikon announced the new NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 lens, a compact, lightweight prime for Nikon Z series cameras. This fast aperture, wide-angle lens is small enough to carry anywhere, and is ideal for capturing everyday snapshots, group portraits,

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Capturing the Milky Way in the off-season

At least at my latitude, the Galactic Center of the Milky Way has gone the way of all good things. Absent until the next hunting season begins. But that doesn’t mean you can’t photograph the Milky Way until it returns.

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Creating a holiday scene for families

With this photoshoot, I had pictured it was Christmas Eve. Families were sitting by the fireplace, with sleepy and excited kids. Mum or Dad were reading their favorite Christmas stories before bed. The kids putting out milk and cookies for

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