At this day and age, most of us use our mobile phones to document daily life in photos. Innovations in smartphone photography have made it possible for us to get great results even in low light conditions. The iPhone, for example, has become a more powerful tool for all kinds of shooting situations. As such, if you haven’t been making the most out of it or getting the results you want when it comes to night photos, today’s Mobile Mondays installment brings some practical tips for you to try.

In the video above, Singapore-based street and cityscapes photographer Teemu divides his tips into three parts: finding light, iPhone camera settings to use and editing your mobile snaps. He also throws in some model-specific tips, especially if you’re using the Pro models.

As he also mentioned, a fair bit of post-processing is crucial to getting great results, even if these are just iPhone snaps. It’s the secret to most pro photos, and you’ll immediately see the difference in quality and impact as you add a bit of your own artistic flair to it. So, he also demonstrates how he edits his own iPhone night photos using the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom.

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