2020 undoubtedly hit wedding photographers harder than any other type of photographer. With multiple postponements, rebookings and cancelations, wedding photographers simply didn’t know what to expect.

Luckily, hope is on the horizon, according to YouTuber Taylor Jackson.

He envisions 2021 will be a very positive rebound year for wedding photographers for a few different reasons.

One, new photographers have new opportunities to get into the industry. This is due to weddings having to be moved during the week, or that weddings are having to be shorter. Other photographers are also more likely to be booked out, providing you with opportunities that you might not otherwise have. This also gives you a huge opportunity to build your portfolio and be creative with your couples.

Two, deposits from 2022 couples will start to happen again. Couples are hesitant on putting a deposit down because of COVID-19, but going into 2022, things should normalize again.

Three, family photography will continue to grow. So if you specialize in weddings currently, but have a desire to get more family shoots, invest in a family website and start pushing it. If you do this and let your past wedding couples know about family photos, this can increase your income ten-fold.