What’s a First Look?

A first look is modern trend in weddings where the bride and groom see each other for the first time in a private, romantic moment before the ceremony. Here are 5 tips on how to describe first looks to couples in a way that gets them excited about doing one, and about YOU being the photographer to capture it for them!

The Breakdown

  1. Change Your Motivation: Is your heart in the right place when it comes to the benefits of first looks? (Hint: it’s not about the photography!)
  2. Ease Their Minds:  As a photographer, couples look to you for advice. Some are downright stressed! Do you know how to take the pressure off about this important decision?
  3. Share Your Perspective:  How can you describe the first look to your couples and paint a beautiful picture that makes them eagerly anticipate one of the most special moments of their day.
  4. Explain the Addition, Not the Takeaway:  What if a first look doesn’t take away from your wedding day, but instead, adds to it?
  5. The NEW Tradition: Just where DID that tradition of ‘bad luck’ to see each other before the wedding ceremony come from anyway? It’s kinda funny!

Chelsea Nicole also offers a free pdf with a first look wedding timeline, tips + questionnaire checklist: http://bit.ly/2pbO43i