The COVID-19 outbreak has taught me a lot as a part-time photographer and as a full-time survivor. Times are currently tough and challenging for many out there.

As my secondary source of income, I started rebuilding the basics and continued learning the marketing side of photography. I knew from the get-go that the most challenging part of the process would be consistency and diligence. Taking the first steps and continuing the learning marathon would make or break my hard work.

Take time to learn new skills during quarantine

Starting with blogs, educational articles and YouTube videos on the internet, I learned from each source diligently and wrote every piece of vital information down.

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

The first topic was marketing. I went to school for marketing, but have not applied it to my own personal photography career as much as I have wanted to. I had to get out there and start advertising my photos.

After learning more about photography-related marketing, I slowly understood the importance of marketing in my career. Nobody would even know that a photograph was mine without any reputation or shiny badge on my socials and website.

I ended up creating my website, I post my pictures and the methods used to take the said photos, my inspiration, along with a couple of educational articles here and there.

If you do not currently have an updated website, I highly recommend focusing on that as it helps add to your personal brand. Many of my photoshoot sessions are being canceled, so I see it as an excellent alternative to acquire continued traffic and traction.

Aside from that, I also use the website as a place for my photo portfolio. I find it neat to create a website that works in multiple fields simultaneously. It became my gallery to showcase my best creations to make my track record. I could even use it to track my progression in photography, use it to educate and invite customers to use my services as a mentor in photography, or even as a photographer when the pandemic settles down.

Besides offering my services to the audience that visit my website, I am also offered the chance to use it as an extra source of income by adding ads to it. Although it is often tempting to crowd the website just enough to maximize profits, I prefer to keep it as minimal as possible.

I have extra money to either save or use it on my photography equipment. The equipment would still need its maintenance fee and will need an upgrade eventually, so it is nice to be prepared.

I also started creating more videos and set up my own space for DIY videos.

Be cognizant of where your money is going

This year forced me to get my finances down.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

I used to window shop and buy things on a whim. I was scrolling through Amazon to see which shoes looked nice. The strategy backfired heavily. The ad got me, it hooked me in, and on the next day, the item arrived.

But now, the sloppy impulsive buyer is slowly fading away. Leaving behind a man who spends his money smartly and only purchases the essentials.

I do reward myself from time to time, but it is regulated not to break the bank. I recommend this as a “pat on the back” for your efforts in avoiding urges and temptations around you.

I can’t deny that this pandemic brought havoc to the world and forced people to search for alternatives in their lives.

Yet, when we are forced to adapt, we bring forth better solutions for existing problems more efficiently and smartly. Humankind will surely emerge stronger after the pandemic is solved.

Final remarks

I want to hear from you. How are you doing during these times and what are the things you have learned during these times either personally or professionally. Leave a comment down below!