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Welcome to the Mind Your Own Business Podcast! Today we chat with advertising photographer Nick Vedros.

All images © Nick Vedros
All images © Nick Vedros

We discuss:

  • How Nick got his start in photography
  • How he capitalized on a rare opportunity to get his work out to the public
  • Pushing the envelope on creativity and relationships
  • Designing his career around the lifestyle that he wanted
  • Working with an ad agency
  • How the work of Gary Larson and Norman Rockwell influenced his work
  • The role of storytelling in his body of work
  • How Nick incorporates fun into his photo concepts
  • The process of building a “super studio” and built a name nationally
  • Building relationships with advertising companies
  • Nick’s advice for photographers who want to break into advertising photography
  • How to look for openings in the market you can capitalize on

You can find Nick at:

  • Nick’s portfolio site
  • @vedros on Instagram
  • @Vedrosphotography on Facebook

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