One of the most intimidating things as a new photographer is trying to figure out pricing and usage rights for clients. Licensing is a word that makes a lot of photographers shiver — but it doesn’t have to!

With a free month membership to Viewbug, you can check out “Licensing Agreements” with Seth Polansky. In this course, Seth — a professor, contract attorney, indie film producer and musician — explains how to protect yourself when presented with an industry contract.

Media and entertainment companies spend billions of dollars every year on creative talent. Get an overview of the types of contracts that you can expect to see, the situations in which a particular type is used, and the specific red flags inherent in each. Seth discusses non-disclosure agreements, work-for-hire and contractor agreements, proposals, quotes and statements of work.

With Viewbug, not only do you get access to some great classes that will help you advance your photography, but you’ll also be able to interact with other photographers, enter contests and more! After your free month, you pay just $6.92 per month to continue. Sign up today!

Lead photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash