This week’s podcast interviews photographer Zack Arias who discusses big changes in his work and professional life. We then check in with Chase Reynolds about two hot new pieces of gear. When that’s done, find out about our latest contest (with big prizes).

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Zack Arias

Zack Arias is a professional photographer based in Atlanta, GA. He’s spent a lot of time working in the music industry as well as working for a lot of editorial, corporate, and commercial assignments. He sees his approach as simple, bold, classic, and true.

  • What new gear excites Zack?
  • What Zack is shooting these days.
  • Zacks transformation of his career and why he’s changing
  • Goals for a new project
  • Why should you house clean your photography?
  • What is his new blog is about
  • “When God said let there be light, Joe McNally handed him a flash”
  • Zacks new series hes about to work on

Hot Gear Segment

Rich Harrington and Melissa Niu catch up with Chase Reynolds to talk about some of the hottest new pieces of gear to hit the shelfs at Once a month we’ll explore some of the most popular pieces of gear. Be sure to leave questions for future shows in the comments.

  • The new Sigma 50mm f1/4 lens
  • Differences between Canon, Nikon, and Sigma 50mm primes
  • The LensCap program
  • The Panasonic GH4

New Contest

Melissa sits down with Ori from ViewBug to talk about the new Photofocus contest which just kicked off. Learn about some of the fantastic prizes as well as how to enter.

  • What does Ori do at ViewBug
  • Big Contest announcement
  • Details about the contest
  • Where to find more details click here