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On Friday, September 25th, Apple released the next addition to their industry-shaking smartphone, the iPhone. Customers who were fast enough to preorder either the iPhone 6s and/or the iPhone 6s Plus either queued up in front of their local Apple Store or had a courier deliver their unit(s) to their doors. For the past year, I’ve […]

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Photoshop Lights Candles

Most interiors with candles for adding ambiance, are anything but controlled. HVAC, opening doors, ceiling fans in another room or even an assistant or client walking in the room can make flames flicker resulting in motion blurred fire. The room may have a lot of ambient light that can’t be controlled so the slow shutter […]

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With the popularity of film finding its way into photographer’s hands, headlines are still reading, “Why Film is Better than Digital” and “Comparing Film vs Digital.” Isn’t the Debate Over? At the starting point of digital photography, people once thought that film was going to be a dying art. A movie quote instantly comes to mind: […]

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Deciding if you should charge an out of area fee when an assignment has you traveling? This short story may help you make up your mind.

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This week we catch up with two great photographers.  First up is Photoshop legend and best-selling author Scott Kelby.  Then we talk to street photographer and Fuji expert Valerie Jardin.

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A common question that is asked in many photography social media forums is for recommendations on where to find a location that meets specific needs. In most cases there will be a nice location already submitted to Shootipedia. Shootipedia is a website that was created to allow photographers to find and share locations that they […]

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Hooray for Ugly Shoes

In case you haven’t realized it yet, wedding days are really long days. The effects of being “on” 100% of the time and carrying gear while traipsing all about can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. For years my feet would be screaming by hour 6. I tried lots of things for my cute dress […]

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