A powerful feature of Lightroom is its ability to save develop settings known as Presets so you can use them again later to edit other images. These presets will not only save you time but will also apply a consistent look to a set of images. There are several different types of presets. We are […]

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I’ve been talking a lot about using primes lenses, lately (thanks, and how great they are for growing your vision. I mentioned in the first post that when your prime lens is too limiting, you can shoot a panorama to get the view you desire. Well, I found myself on a rooftop in Chicago […]

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Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.23.23 PM

There are a few places where you can batch rename photos in Lightroom. The most common is during the import process via the File Renaming panel of the Import dialog, but you can also batch rename by selecting photos in Grid view of the Library module before going to Library > Rename Photos. A less […]

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This week’s podcast interviews photographer Matt Kloskowski from Kelby One.  Rich and Melissa also check in with Chase Reynolds about two hot pieces of gear and prime lenses. Get the show here  or get it on iTunes — Don’t forget to post a review on iTunes. Hot Gear Segment Rich Harrington and Melissa Niu catch up with to talk about […]

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“Emotion or feeling is really the only thing about pictures I find interesting. Beyond that it is just a trick.”

Christopher Anderson


Amanda Diaz 10

  If you are seeking dreamy, fantasy images that take you to places you thought you would only see in your dreams, Amanda Diaz is the photographer for you.  But Amanda isn’t just a great fantasy photographer; she’s also great when it comes to fashion. “[My work] goes from straight to the point fashion to creative […]

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