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Should I have one or many Lightroom catalogs? I asked myself that question when I first used Lightroom. Years later, I found the answer.

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Editor: Want to learn more about HDR?  Check out this free online class. One of the most common question about HDR photography seems to be ‘how many images should I take?’ This has an easy answer… and the answer is… “It depends.” That answer just isn’t very satisfying is it? Well, let’s talk about why […]

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We’re super excited about today’s HDR Hangout.  Two professional photographers are going to share their secrets on when and how to shoot HDR.  Not obnoxious, cheesy filters, why would you do that… but photos where the images pop (or even just show what the human eye could see and the camera couldn’t). Don’t miss today’s Google […]

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Take a look at the new Photomatix Essentials plugin for Photoshop Elements with Photofocus author Ron Pepper.

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Understanding Photoshop is a biweekly column that takes an in-depth look at how digital photographs are built and manipulated.  It is a college-level course in plain English for free at Photofocus.  To learn more see this article. Don’t Skip Column 10 Many purists swear that shooting film adds richness in detail and color, as well as introduces […]

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This week we catch up with two photographers who share insights into taking your skills to the next level.  First, Levi Sim sits down with Roberto Valenzuela to talk about lighting and creativity.  Then Robert Vanelli catches up with photographer and Photoshop expert Glyn Dewis.

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Let’s trade one famous city for another. Last week, we cruised along the train system of Berlin, Germany. This week, we’re going home! Well, we’re going to my home at least—New York City—and to celebrate, I’m going to include a few before & after photos for this episode! I spent the first 18 years of […]

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