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Nicole S. Young will be joining Rob Sylvan and Levi Sim on Wednesday’s Lightroom Hangout to help us learn the power of plugins. Plugins are extra apps that work with Lightroom to enrich your workflow and add real polish to your pictures. Nicole wrote the book on plugins, and is a wiz with these things; […]

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I spend a lot of time working with strobes.  As a commercial advertising photographer I find myself in many situations requiring some pretty complex lighting solutions.  Don’t get me wrong, strobes are super groovy and lighting challenges are always relished but there is something really magical about shedding the hardware. Every once in a while I enjoy shooting with […]

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“The camera for an artist is just another tool. It is no more mechanical than a violin if you analyze it. Beyond the rudiments, it is up to the artist to create art, not the camera.”

 Brett Weston


One of the coolest features about the iPhone 5s is its ability to shoot video at 120 frames per second.  Normally, you’ll ned about 24 frames per second to make a smooth picture, so this is almost 5 times higher.  Those extra frames can translate into slow motion footage. In this tutorial from, see […]

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This week’s podcast takes a look at two very different topics in the photo industry.  Our first guest Mike Corrado discusses his concert photography and passion projects.  Then we catch up with Photofocus contributor and industry expert Gerard Murphy about photo sharing services like SnapChat and the new Lightroom Mobile. Get the show here  or get […]

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