Black and white photography is the genre of choice for many photographers who want a timeless, moody, or formal quality to their work. This is why it remains a popular genre despite the prevalence of color photography. If you’re among the photographers who shoot predominantly in black and white, would you use a camera like the Leica Monochrom cameras?

In the video above, Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography gives us two main reasons why he prefers to shoot with Leica Monochrom cameras for this purpose: Higher detail and better sensitivity. These cameras shoot only in black and white, but with the right mindset, they actually produce impressive results. His sample photos are definitely a testament to this.

Among the most important things to keep in mind when shooting with the Leica Monochrom cameras is that you have to change the way you think when you’re using them. With color being the default native format in photography, it could take you a while to compose with black and white in mind.

Are any of them the right camera for you? The short answer is it depends, especially in terms of budget. As tools for a niche group, they come with hefty price tags and only Leica manufactures them. Of course, they will only be worth every penny if you shoot black and white exclusively.

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