Hidden in plain sight on the Adobe Stock home page is a world of free templates for making graphics that move. A very large number of these MOtion GRaphic Templates (a.k.a. MOGRTs) are free. The paid versions are available as fully editable watermarked previews.


Click the Templates button in the nav bar at the left of the Adobe Stock home page to go to the Templates section. There, you’ll find templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and MOGRTs. Choose Motion Graphics Templates to get started. I searched these templates for Movie Titles. There are 107 choices of both paid and free templates that can be edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Preview before buying

Not all fonts used in MOGRTs are included on your computer. Add them by clicking Sync Fonts in the Typekit dialog.If the MOGRT license you like is for sale, download the watermarked preview first. It can be edited to see how it fits the project. If fonts are missing they are easily added using Typekit, part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Click the checkbox labeled Sync from Typekit. The missing fonts are automatically checked. Click Sync Fonts to finish the update. Once the edits are finished and the result works well, you can license the unwatermarked version from the Libraries panel in Premiere Pro.

Free MOGRTs might not have all of the features for editing items like the font or font style. A workaround is to delete the type in the free MOGRT and adding your own independently right inside Premiere Pro CC. Other editing options are in After Effects.

The template before & after

I’ve recently updated my studio’s corporate name and have had a truly amazing graphic artist, Jodi Hersh of OrangeStar, create a new wordmark and logo for my business. I do more and more videos for clients now. Having a template opener for them adds to my professional appearance. The video that follows has the original free MOGRT from Adobe Stock followed by the modifications I made to customize it for my purposes. It’s important to note that I did absolutely nothing in Adobe After Effects. All of the changes are made in Premiere Pro. It’s only 38 seconds in length.

The styles in the MOGRT are not editable in Premiere Pro. Neither are the fonts. The workaround is to delete the text in the MOGRT itself then add the new text with the proper font and logo into Premiere Pro’s timeline. The colors are editable. I used my logo’s gray and red colors for the flare. The text gray is not used. I deleted the copy in the text field to make room for the graphics added in Premiere Pro CC.