Every year about this time Adobe puts out its creative trends for the year. Here’s their 2022 trend list.

They take a look at consumer insights, research trending visuals, socio-economic developments and worldwide narratives to forecast these creative trends. Visual, design and motion trends can help guide our work for the coming year and help our clients.

Since the last couple of years have been quite serious with the pandemic, more and more people are heading outdoors. We’re allowing ourselves to experience the fresh air, take in the sights and be more joyful as a result. People are discovering the power of play. 

The powerfully playful trend captures this joy and spirit by using images of optimism. Enjoying the small moments of life through candid scenes with friends and family and outdoor fun are all included in this trend.


Prioritizing our planet is another visual trend Adobe is seeing. As a world, we are experiencing the effects of climate change more than ever. There is renewed energy around this topic. These images will capture moments of a healthy planet, sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. Environmental activism and images of natural disasters will be important in order to continue raising awareness.


Another visual trend for 2022 will be the centered self. Self-care is visible more and more everywhere you look. These visuals will be focusing on self-acceptance, meditative moments, body positivity and connections with nature.


After months of nothing but virtual contact with friends, family and co-workers, in the groove is a trend that shows people turning to dance as a touchless way to connect and express themselves. It’s become a method of exercise, self-expression, coping and celebration. Images showing people dancing, movement and shapes and motion will be the forefront of showing this trend.


Motion trends

Because more of our time is spent online, digital spaces are becoming a big part of out lives. Gaming, YouTube and the “metaverse” are places people can find respite and share life experiences. Trends show that using calming futuristic movement, special effects, bright colors and creating welcoming virtual environments make these digital spaces safe spaces.


Cutting-edge technology creating hyperreal and amazing visuals capture creative expression in these virtual worlds with dynamic movement, organic shapes and 3D scenes.

With so much communication being digitized, virtual storytelling and brands are finding ways to further develop their content with language and designs. The use of slide-in captions, energetic glitches, shapes around text and repeating text all make the messages stand out. 

Design trends

If you contribute to Adobe Stock or other stock sites, you’ll be interested to know that the following design trends are what will be popular in 2022.

  • Soft Pop: Focus on pliable forms, 3D cartooning and squishy whimsical characters.
  • New Naturalism: Clean modernism, organic elements and natural world-inspired décor provide a sense of calm in people’s lives and are being incorporated into home and office design.
  • Otherworldly Visions: People are escaping boredom by creating projects with visions from the metaverse, science fiction, optical illusions and wild designs.
  • Heritage Craft: The exploration of local folk art across cultures is becoming more popular. Vibrant patterns, craftsmanship and bold bright expressions from around the world.

Check here for more details and examples of Adobe Stock’s 2022 creative trends.