Whether you’re at home with your kids, have had photoshoots canceled or just wondering what’s next, we hope that our latest project will help you fill the creative void. This week on The Artists’ Notebook, we’re discussing color and design theory, business skills and lighting.

Throughout the week you’ll be able to watch webinars, partake in live Q&A breakout sessions and read articles to get you inspired. All for free! Check out The Artists’ Notebook page for more.

Here’s today’s webinar schedule, for Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Thanks to ThinkTAP, Skylum, B&H, KEH and Lume Cube for their support with the project.

4:00 p.m.: “Get Results in Aurora HDR,” with Rich Harrington

Learn how to use Aurora HDR, the popular HDR photo editing software for Mac and Windows. In this workshop, Rich Harrington explores the world of HDR with Aurora HDR. To begin, Rich goes over basic HDR imaging concepts, including how to work with single raw files. He then steps through how to load bracketed photos, align source images, deghost HDR images, and develop your HDR files with filters. Plus, he shares advanced editing strategies — including how to fix lens and perspective issues — and explains how to save and export files.

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