A couple weeks ago, I gave you a list of some of my favorite photography movies and documentaries to check out. Movies can be inspiring both personally and for our artistry.

I received a lot of feedback about your favorites, so without further adieu, I present you a few more movies and documentaries to check out!

More movies about photography

Kodachrome: There’s some pretty big names in “Kodachrome” — Jason Sudeikis, Ed Harris and Elizabeth Olson — and the story is just as good. With Kodachrome film processing coming to an end, Matt Ryder drives his estranged and dying father to get four rolls of Kodachrome film developed, in the last lab in the world that can do so. The story is touching and yet captures the meaning that a lot of us strive to have when we capture photographs. Available on Netflix.

Rear Window: This mystery from Alfred Hitchcock certainly suits today well. With most of us cooped up inside, we can relate to the plot of “Rear Window,” which tells the story of a photographer stuck at home in a wheelchair. He observes his neighbors from across the way, and ends up seeing what he believes to be a murder in one of the apartment windows. While we hopefully won’t see something similar, it’s an interesting take, especially given the fact that most of us are in the midst of shelter-at-home orders right now. Available on Starz.

More documentaries about photography

The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith: This is one I hadn’t heard of, until fellow Photofocus author James Maher enlightened me. The documentary highlights the story of a jazz loft in New York City, through several photographs and clips that photographer W. Eugene Smith captured unknowingly. While not the traditional photography documentary, it certainly is one that tells a story, and captures an wonderfully musical era. Available on Amazon Prime.

Finding Vivian Maier: This was another documentary recommended to me, and it’s one that is really quite different from the stories of other photographers. Vivian Maier was completely unknown as a photographer until after her passing. Following the discovery of her photographs, exhibits started popping up all over the world. The documentary showcases Vivian’s life as well as her unknown life as a street photographer. Available for rental or purchase through various digital outlets.

Move to inspire your photography

Night on Earth: I don’t know how I missed this one, but if you’re looking for amazing landscape, nature and wildlife captures, there’s really nothing better than “Night on Earth.” If you’ve ever seen any of the “Planet Earth” series, you’ll feel right at home with this Netflix original. You’ll find absolutely gorgeous and stunning pictures here that capture night outdoors like nothing I’ve ever seen. Available on Netflix.

The Shining: I know it’s not Halloween, but this is a movie I come back to again and again to get inspired. The angles and beautiful captures by Stanley Kubrick are one-of-a-kind. The artistry is something you won’t find in any other movie out there. And if you’ve already seen “The Shining,” check out the sequel, “Doctor Sleep.” That’s next on my list, and I’m intrigued by that because they re-created some of Kubrick’s picture, instead of repurposing it. Available for rental or purchase through various digital outlets.

Lead photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash