With fall just around the corner, we’re sure most of you are now getting ready to capture the colors of the season. If you missed your shot or felt that you didn’t do so well last year, here’s another chance to get better at fall photography. This time, make sure you’re better equipped with some tips for making the most out of the gorgeous autumn scenery.

In the quick video above for B&H, photographer David Flores shares his six tips for better fall snaps. These tips will be especially useful to you if you’re new to landscape photography in this colorful season. The first one is a giveaway; you definitely need to pick the best locations that show the changing of the leaves and trees. If you can find a spot where the Golden Hour bathes the trees in dramatic light, all the better!

The tips also include making sure that you have the right photography gear with you on these shoots. For example, a tripod will help you compose your shots better and experiment with slow shutter speeds. Likewise, you can use filters to improve your contrast and balance your exposures when the light is tricky.

Another tip suggests incorporating action through activities that celebrate the season. So, now is also a great time to get beautiful fall portraits of your family and friends. We’ll take a look at some expert fall photography tips on that next!

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