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Weekly Wrap-Up: December 15-21, 2019

After a week full of Black Friday and other holiday deals, we kicked off December with some great content to enhance your photography this winter! What a great week leading

Upping my food lighting game with MagBox

The past several months have been pretty busy for me, but not with the kind of work I’m used to. While I certainly continue to photograph my share of corporate

Photographer of the Day: Ben Aerssen

Category: Food Photographer: Ben Aerssen Photo: “3/52 – Artistic: Red (Grapefruit Macro)” Ben’s photo is a great example of how contrast can really help an image. Here, the red and yellow

Photographer of the Day: slingblade_2004

Category: Food Photographer: slingblade_2004 Photo: “Thanksgiving Table” When I think of Thanksgiving, I get all warm inside. The turkey, stuffing, cranberries…it’s an amazing feast! This photo by slingblade_2004 captures the holiday

Photographer of the Day: Mazhar Khan

Category: Food Photographer: Mazhar Khan Photo: “Light Lunch” Mazhar’s photo reminds me of my time overseas last year, during those cold, rainy days where all I wanted to do was eat

Photographer of the Day: stevenclintbrookes

Category: Food Photographer: stevenclintbrookes Photo: “Breakfast POV” I love Steven’s point of view on what is just a simple bowl of Cheerio’s. By having a shallow depth of filed, Steven gets

Photographer of the Day: merulu5

Category: Food Photographer: merulu5 Photo: “wishes” This is rather fitting, as today is Photofocus’ 20th birthday. merulu5 does a great job of capturing the scene here. The colors are surreal, and

Gobble up your favorite food photographs!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we want to see your best food photographs for our November Photographer of the Day feature! Whether it’s that perfect turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberries

A Low-Key Thanksgiving: Focus on the Details

For the past several years, our Thanksgivings have been pretty low-key as a family. We sleep in, watch football and eat turkey. Needless to say, there’s not much activity…unless you’re

Food Photography in a Working Restaurant

Small restaurants just don’t have the budgets that chains do. Creating a series of photographs for table tents while a restaurant is filed with customers is challenging. It’s also a

Shooting Food with Natural Lighting

One of my favorite photography categories is food and drink. A few years ago, I ran a beer blog and highlighted a “beer of the day,” meaning I had to

Getting Taped Up

Here’s a great tip I got from watching some grips quickly change gels on some frames. In the past, when you removed an old gel or diffusion material you always

Cucoloris for Shadowed Texture

So often someone will take the time to light the talent to look great but forget to light the background and give the image some depth: One method is to

C-Stands 101

One of the most used tools on a Hollywood set, oh heck on any set, is the C-Stand. C in Roman numerals representing the numeral 100 is how the C-Stand

Behind the Scenes: Pasta on a Fork

When photographing food, adding a utensil in the scene can imply the action of someone getting ready to eat the food, which can “humanize” your photograph and make it more

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