Getting a new computer is both wonderful and completely frustrating. The new machine’s speed is marvelous, but getting all your settings, presets and preferences setup is enough to drive you crazy. The following steps will help get your Perfectly Clear presets installed on your new machine. You can also use these steps to transfer your presets to your other computer, or share them with a friend. It’s super simple.

(For instruction on making presets and using Perfectly Clear, click here.)

All you have to do is open Perfectly Clear, and click on the About tab in the bottom left corner.


Now click the Settings icon in the top right corner (looks like a cog wheel) and choose Export from the Presets section. Just save these to your desktop, then transport them to your new computer’s desktop. Use a thumb drive, or email the file to yourself.

With the presets file on your new computer’s desktop, open Perfectly Clear again, go to the About menu, click the Settings icon, and select Import. Now just navigate to your desktop and find the file, click ok, and your presets are now installed on the new computer.

I’m so glad moving Perfectly Clear’s presets to a new computer is simple. I wish other software companies made it as easy.