I thought I was home free after waiting a couple of months to upgrade my Macs to Catalina because my tethering software, Canon EOS Utility 3, worked like a champ. I live on this utility to control my camera when shooting products in the studio and for providing instant proofs for my portrait clients. Life was good until Software Update upgraded Catalina to macOS 10.15.2.

Déjà Vu all over again

As I reported on November 1, 2014, today, Canon EOS Utility once again has been broken by a new Mac operating system upgrade. This time, the break was more insidious because upgrading from macOS Mojave to Catalina caused no problems with EOS Utility. It wasn’t until the 10.15.2 update was released that the issue appeared.

Once the update completes, launching EOS Utility 3 (3.11.1) cannot communicate with the camera attached to the Mac via USB.

Canon EOS Utility 3 no longer runs under macOS Catalina 10.15.2
Launching EOS Utility 3 under the 10.15.2 update for macOS Catalina results in a failure to communicate with the camera.

This is obviously a flaw in the macOS upgrade. So far Apple has not acknowledged the issue. Canon, on the other hand, knows that Apple has broken some of their apps and has released a compatibility chart for its software that runs under Catalina. Note that the chart is current through macOS version 10.15.1 and not the latest 10.15.2 update.

This one is on Apple

I was running the EOS Utility seamlessly after upgrading to Catalina. The 10.15.2 update rendered the utility non-workable.

macOS Catalina update 10.15.2 breaks Canon and Lightroom tethering


Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic doesn’t work either with my Canon 1Dx Mark II camera. The first issue was that even though no longer compatible, EOS Utility would auto-launch interfering with Lightroom’s tethering. After uninstalling EOS Utility, the camera would still not connect after choosing File > Start Tethered Capture … Lightroom’s tether window appeared with the note “No Camera Detected.”

Helicon Remote

This software from HeliconSoft still works. It is designed to work with Helicon Focus, a focus stacking software package. It offers live view and remote control of the camera settings and shooting as well.

Note: When using flash with a PocketWizard or other remote, the flash will not fire when releasing the shutter from the software. It works perfectly when the shutter button on the camera is pressed.

Files — RAW, JPEG or both transfer automatically to a designated folder.

Capture One Pro 20

The latest update to Capture One detected the camera as soon as I turned it on. It correctly identified the model and updated the exposure settings. I can control the camera settings including focus and shoot with flash remotely.

Lead photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash