Looking to create stunning black and white pictures? These three tips will make an instant difference!

Tip 1: Enhance contrast

In post-production, contrast can be achieved in many different ways. Curves, Color Luminance, Highlights, Whites, Shadows, Black and Contrast sliders are basic tools available in any editing software. Play with them to brighten highlights and add depth to the shadows. This will result in a very eye-catching image.

Black and white soccer players

Tip 2: Add details and structure

Depending on your editing software, these tools can be called Details, Structure, Sharpening, Clarity, etc. They can be used alone or combined to create more impact. Just don’t go overboard with this step, as it can introduce a lot of noise (little grains), especially with photos taken at a higher ISO.

Tip 3: Play with LUTs

A LUT (Lookup table) adds mood and style with color grading to change how it looks. I dare you to try it. You’d be surprised to see the impact it has on a black and white image!

Black and white portrait soccer athlete

Powerful black and whites at your fingertips

For the examples shown in this article, I’ve used the G.O.A.T. template from my BADASS ACTION collection. It has every feature that I love in a powerful black and white photo (high contrast, structure and mood) plus the magic touch of my favorite tools in LuminarAI.

Feel free to have a look at these or browse through the many available in the Luminar Marketplace to jumpstart your editing workflow!

Create timeless photos

Black and white pictures are a great way to bring out raw emotion, get rid of all (colored) distractions and create a timeless vibe. Try these three tips, let go of your creativity and most of all, HAVE FUN!

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