I recently did a brief overview of my first time playing with Boris FX Optics, and I must say it was rather difficult to fit everything into a short 15 minute video. So I thought I might come back with a bit more of a breakdown. This time I want to show you the parameter settings available for the presets.

For each selection of filters listed in the filmstrip at the bottom, there are usually quite a few selections of presets to get you started. You can then select the Parameters tab (bottom right-hand corner of Presets panel). This immediately opens up even more possibilities and an endless assortment of changes, corrections and creativity to your image.

Of course, you can also change the opacity of the image in the effects panel (lefthand side), as well as the blend mode. There are over 160 filters available with thousands of presets. With the addition of dialing in parameters, I am sure even the most discerning of artists and photographers can create something they are impressed with. Let’s have a little look …

Using parameters with Boris FX Optics presets

The options here are truly endless, and I suggest you take a closer look and try it yourself. You can download your free trial here.