It’s well-known that the Perfect Photo Suite is great for adding effects, replacing skies, and adding texture. But did you know that it is also a great place to process portraits? Here are a few methods you can use to process a portrait (or a group of portraits) in onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite:

Perfect Portrait

One of the more obvious ways to edit a portrait is to use the Perfect Portrait module. Here’s how it works:

1. First, open a photo into Perfect Portrait. You can do this through Lightroom (File > Plug-in Extras > Perfect Portrait), or from inside of Perfect Browse.

2. Perfect Portrait will automatically locate the face(s) inside of your image and place a box around them. Click on the face you would like to work on (you can process images with more than one face).

3. Next, you will see control panels over the eyes and mouth. Adjust the points on the controls (if needed) to reposition the control panels. Tip: Turning off the preview mode with the “\” key will speed up the process.

4. Use the panels on the right to adjust the skin, color, and also to whiten the eyes and teeth, as well as add vibrancy to the lips. Tip: Hide (or Show) the controls using the button in the tool options (at the top) to better see your changes.

5. To remove blemishes, use either the Perfect Eraser or the Retouch Brush from the toolbar on the left.

And that’s it! A quick, beautiful result with just a few simple steps. There are more in-depth features you can use as well, and the best way to check them out is to download a free trail of onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite to see for yourself.

Perfect Effects

Perfect Effects is also a great place to edit portraits, especially if you plan on doing any stylization edits while you’re there. Here’s how:

1. First, open a photo into Perfect Effects. You can do this through Lightroom (File > Plug-in Extras > Perfect Effects), or from inside of Perfect Browse.

2. Next, using the Filters on the left, select the “Portrait Enhancer” folder and choose one of the presets. For this example, I’ll select “Natural”.

3. If you would like to edit the filter’s settings, you can do so from the Filter Options panel on the right. Tip: Zoom in closer to view the face better while making your adjustments.

4. Now that the skin softening is taken care of, you can continue adding filters to further enhance the image. For this photo, I will add the Glow: Normal filter (at 50% opacity), along with the Vignette: Subtle filter.

5. Lastly, I will save these filter settings as a preset so I can use this combination of filters again on other images.

Click here to download the above preset file created in this article.

Batch Processing

If you have more than one photo you would like to apply global settings to, then the Batch feature is going to be a good fit. You’ll first need to have your photos ready-to-edit in the Perfect Photo Suite (for example, you may want to export your photos from Lightroom as PSD files and put them all in one folder). Once you have your image files ready, then use these steps below to batch-process your files:

1. First, open up the Browse module inside of onOne and locate your folder of images you would like to batch process.

2. Next, select the images you want to batch so that they are highlighted in the browser.

3. Then, go to File > Batch (alternately, you can right-click over the selected images and select “Batch”).

4. Select the module you want to add to your photos, and then choose a preset. (For this example, I chose the preset I made in Perfect Effects.) Then, select the destination you would like them to save to. If you would like to overwrite the existing files with your batched preset, select “Round Trip”. When you are ready to batch them, click OK and the Perfect Photo Suite will process each file with the preset(s) you have selected.

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