I develop images in Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud (LR CC) using a top-down approach, starting with “Basic”. The one rule breaker was “Camera Calibration”, the very last menu item. When working with RAW image files, I find starting with Camera Calibration can save time and energy. I shoot Nikon and Fuji and find that camera specific settings often outperform the generic Adobe presets in LR.

I recently updated the LR Classic CC app (formerly called LR CC) to the latest 7.3 release and could not find “Camera Calibration”. It seemed like a big oversight until I located the new location. It is now where it should have been all along, at the top of the develop menu and part of the Basic selections under “Profile”. It has not only been moved but updated and improved.

“Camera Calibration” is no longer in the “Calibration” menu


Camera Calibration is now in the Basic menu of the Development module and is now under “Profile”.  This is how the Develop module menu items look since the last LR Classic CC update.


        When selecting “Profile”, I can quickly compare the generic Adobe Raw profiles and then the camera (specific) matching profiles