I was talking with my friend and fellow author, Levi Sim, the other day about how I only need three things to function as a photographer. When he asked me what they were, I said lights, camera and Perfectly Clear. I know it might sound a little crazy to some people but hear me out. I am a beauty photographer. I photograph a lot of faces and that’s all I need. Let me explain why.


Regardless of who’s face is in front of my camera, they are wanting to walk away knowing that they look good. No one sits down and goes can you please make me look horrible!

I feel like the best way to do that with some beautiful light. So I will whip out my Godox A600, set up a softbox and create one of my favorite lighting patterns, clamshell light. I can’t rave about this lighting setup enough it never fails me. It hides imperfections, highlights the main features of the face and can be tweaked to work with any face. Plus I only have to set up one light on my end, which makes things go so much smoother for me.


Second I need something to shoot them with. My Lumix GX8 is my workhorse. Full story here on how I came to be a Lumix lover if you will. I have had this thing for a few years now an I continue to be amazed at the beauty image it constantly creates. I throw on my trusty Lumix 42.5mm f/1.7 which is my go-to lens when working with people. This lens is equivalent to about an 85mm and man is she beautiful. Together this setup is incredibly lightweight and just so consistent.

Perfectly Clear

Last I run every single one of my images in Perfectly Clear and have for a good three years. I have raved about Perfectly Clear on here before but trust me when I say this software was made for faces. The amount of power it has in just a few quick settings is unbelievable. It is constantly reading and analyzing each image so that you can get the perfect edit for just that image. It is incredible and a complete game-changer for me.

Voila, folks! I have created magic with three quick and simple things. I run my entire business with these three things and have for the last few years. Which leads me to this question, “could you simplify your talent to three necessary tools?”

Are you getting wrapped up into buying things like filters, lenses, modifiers in hopes to grow your business? Are you falling into the mindset that everyone else is doing it so I should too? I did for a minute and it was the slowest time for me and my business. I wasn’t being authentic to myself and people weren’t buying it. Simplifying is the key — just ask Marie Kondo.