I’m a full-time people photographer–my living depends on me making portraits of people that represent them in the best way possible. I study lighting and posing techniques to get the best results possible when I’m making the pictures, and I am always practicing seeking the best finishing techniques so my pictures will look their best when I show them to my clients. In this webinar, I’ll be demonstrating how Perfectly Clear makes my workflow fast, and makes my pictures look better much faster than I can make them look better in Lightroom and Photoshop alone. This is an in-depth tutorial to get you started with Perfectly Clear.

I’ll show you how to:

-Touch up skin with no effort
-Make eyes look their best
-Reveal the best skin colors
-Activate the most flattering contrast
-Apply age and gender appropriate finishes

Perfectly Clear is making my photography better, and I think you’ll like how it improves your overall work, too.