When Im on the road, I find myself using Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on my iPad and saving files to iCloud Drive to keep my photo business organized. Whether its a budget, proposal, or slideshow… I’ve got them synced across my phone, tablet, and desktop (Windows users can sync too).

Now that iCloud Drive is easily accessible on my MacBook Pro and iMac, its really easy to add other files to it just like I would with Dropbox. You can never have too many cloud services! But I was having trouble accessing files on my iPad because there isn’t a default iCloud Drive folder. Buried in the settings, heres how to quickly add an iCloud Drive folder to your iOS device.

Step 1

Open Settings and choose the iCloud menu.

Step 2

Click on iCloud Drive to open its settings.

Step 3

Toggle on Show on Home Screen.

Now you have an app icon for iCloud Drive on your home screen and you can move it around just like any other app. If you decide you want to delete it, you’ll have to come back into the settings and toggle Show on Home Screen off.