Last week at Adobe MAX, FileShadow announced FileShadow Publish, a new feature that allows users to publish collections of files from their cloud vault by generating shareable links. With Publish, users can share files with anyone, including people without FileShadow accounts.

“We’ve had sharing for some time. But what we’re doing is we’re actually creating a link that you can distribute to the outside world. It’s an active link — you can add files to it and remove files from it. If you’re sending a link to a gallery, it can be changing all the time,” said VP Engineering Jeff Looman.

“I simply copy the link, send it in an email, you click it and it comes up in a gallery. Anyone can see it [with the link]; it’s all public. They can’t change your account settings, they can’t add more files to your account or share with other people. It’s your file.”

While FileShadow sounds similar to other file sharing solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive, it’s actually quite different. Instead of giving you one place to have files, you can bring in all your existing accounts — from providers like iCloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive and more — all in a single interface. It also works with direct-attached storage devices like Drobo.

Where FileShadow shines is in its automatic and custom tagging system, allowing you to search through a wide array of filters no matter what service they live on. It brings in your existing metadata, but also adds tags based on machine learning technology. So if you’re a photographer who never keywords your photos (guilty as charged), you’ll still be able to search with FileShadow and find your images easily. It recognizes RAW, JPEG, TIFF and most other image file formats.

Before FileShadow, this photograph had no keywords or tags. After FileShadow, it’s completely searchable.

With the new FileShadow Publish feature, these benefits are transferred over to the person you’re sharing your files with.

“You still have all of the searching — you can search within that set. You’re allowing other people you share with to search,” said Looman.

Once you click on a photograph, you can find similar photos, or even photographs that were taken at a location nearby.

FileShadow is free of charge for up to 100GB of data. Subscriptions run $15/month for 1TB of data or $25/month for 2TB. Each additional TB of data is $10/month. Subscriptions for FileShadow for Virtual Desktops are also available. To learn more, visit