What is a preset?

A preset is a combination of filters as well as the settings used for each of those filters to create a special look or style. Luminar ships with over 60 powerful one-click presets to quickly enhance your images. This makes editing your images fast and easy — plus they can be used as a great learning tool!

Learning from presets

I used Luminar’s Dramatic Grungy preset from the Dramatic category as a base to my Sport’s Grit Look. After applying the Dramatic Grungy preset, I looked at the filters in the side panel to see what combination of filters and settings were used to create the look or style. This is a great way to learn how to use a combination of filters to build a preset.

Learning from Presets

Creating a preset

Using the Dramatic Grungy preset as a base, I changed some of the filter settings and added a few more filters. I spent about 10 minutes experimenting until I was happy with the results. A new preset was born!

Learning from Presets

Saving a preset

Saving a preset is very simple. Click the “Save Filters Preset” button found at the bottom right of the Side Panel. A dialog will pop-up at the top of the window asking you to name your preset. Give it a descriptive name to help you remember the purpose of the preset.

Save preset

How cool is that? By experimenting with Luminar’s one-click presets, you can learn how each filter or a combination of filters can be used to enhance your image. The best part, you can save the new preset as your own! Give it a try and share your results here on Photofocus or on Skylum’s Luminar Group.