We’ve all been there before, dealing with problems like sensor dust and power lines that take away from a breathtaking scene. In Luminar Neo, it’ll be easy to solve these common problems and more, as detailed by Skylum this morning.

The Luminar family is well known for providing AI-guided tools that give artists powerful ways to explore their creative muse. But no image is perfect right out of the camera. Many of the existing tools like AccentAI solves common capture problems with exposure and color balance. SkinAI removes blemishes from portraits while Portrait Background RemovalAI allows artists to completely isolate their subjects from the background and make them pop.

Still, right out of the camera, many images are plagued with visual distractions, some in the scene captured and others from within the camera itself. Luminar Neo introduces new tools which leverage AI to deal with these distractions easily.

For a limited time, you can get early-bird pricing and an exclusive Photofocus readers bundle, by preordering through buyluminar.com.

Dust RemovalAI

When capturing images in the field, artifacts can be introduced from dust on the surface of a lens or dust that finds its way onto the sensor during a lens change. After using AI to automatically detect these artifacts, Dust RemovalAI removes them to provide a spotless result. Now, artists can easily fix ruined photos, clean distracting spots in images, and save their beautiful memories.

Line RemovalAI

Used separately or as part of SkyAI, this new tool automatically removes unwanted power lines and phone lines from the sky in landscape photos. Whether editing photos of weddings, landscapes, or popular sightseeing spots, automatically getting rid of unwanted lines allows artists to focus on making powerful images, not cleaning up distractions.

Overlays leverage the power of AI-enabled compositing

Skylum has already revealed RelightAI and Portrait Background RemovalAI, two tools that use Layers and the new MaskAI feature to help artists move beyond photo editing and explore compositing as a tool for creative expression. Overlays, graphic and photographic elements with a transparency channel, are yet another way for artists to break out of the photographic box.

To help light the creative fire, Luminar Neo includes a rich library of overlay content, with additional overlay content available in the Luminar Marketplace. Using MaskAI, creators can also create and share custom overlays to be used across their body of work.

Luminar Share

After editing comes another important yet sometimes tedious step in the artist’s workflow: exporting images from desktop to mobile in order to share them. Today, the sharing process is complicated and requires third-party services. Syncing to cloud drives is helpful, but what is really needed is a round-trip experience that fully integrates mobile devices with desktop editing. Luminar Share does exactly that. With Luminar Share, we aim to completely remove exporting complications and give artists the possibility to share their work in one click directly from the desktop.

A native mobile app, Luminar Share connects the photo library on Android and iOS mobile devices directly to Luminar Neo. Using a QR code pairing tool similar to those found in WhatsApp, Signal and other synced messaging services, Luminar Share creates a secure link between a mobile photo library and Luminar Neo. Advantages include:

  • A completely secure and private connection
  • Automatic, round-trip synchronization of photos and edits
  • Direct sharing from Luminar Neo to social networks (e.g. Instagram)
  • No additional cost for cloud storage

Skylum is looking forward to growing and developing in the mobile field, and Luminar Share is the first big step towards that goal. From photographers sharing their work to influencers sharing a new look or a new adventure, visual storytellers of every stripe will find Luminar Share to be a great resource. At launch, it will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


Luminar Neo ships this winter with Luminar Share, Dust RemovalAI, Line RemovalAI and other exciting tools. For a limited time, you can get early-bird pricing and an exclusive Photofocus readers bundle, by preordering through buyluminar.com.

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