Looking to add a little “umph” to this season’s pictures? Learn how to create a summer-centric style with LuminarAI in no time with these great tools!

Summer is all about warmth and vibrant colors. Here’s my favorite post processing workflow to enhance images in no time.

Male photographer summer
Face AI works wonders to recover exposure in portraits.

Take advantage of LuminarAI tools

Tools like EnhanceAI, StructureAI and FaceAI are huge time-savers. They automatically recognize the scene and make them pop. I really like that I get to decide which amount is appropriate for the vibe I’m going for. It’s the best of both worlds: AI makes our lives easier and WE get the last word.

Male photographer summer
Landscape is one of my favorite tool to add a warm vibe (and not only in landscapes!)

Heat it up

Summer rhymes with heat and thankfully, LuminarAI has more than one trick up its sleeve to help us achieve just that. Besides the traditional Temperature slider (found under the Light panel), other tools such as Toning and Golden Hour (found under the Landscape panel) are two of my favorite ways to add natural-looking and warm vibe.

Male photographer summer
Fun fact: Sunrays is great for pictures with … and without sun!

Final touches to the ultimate summer-centric style

Once the image has a great base and has a great vibe, tools Sunrays, LUTs (found under the Mood panel) and Color Harmony are the cherries on top. To create an interesting style I’ve decided to add sunrays to this picture, even if the sun was out of the frame!

Don’t be afraid to explore and try new stuff. If you’re having a hard time with harsh light, try these tips.

Pro tip: When you like a style and/or want to apply it to multiple pictures, save it as a new Template. These Templates can be modified in the future; you can always tweak them in the future!

These were some of my preferred tools but LuminarAI offers so many more. Make sure to explore all of them to find your own favorite ones and come up with YOUR unique style!

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