I just got back from a quick trip to London and thought I’d share this little tip with you.

Do you change the time in your camera when you travel?

Umm, I’d love to say I do but the reality is I forget just about every single time. When I get home I upload my images to Adobe Lightroom Classic and wonder why certain activities are split up between days. Then I realize I forgot to change the time in my camera to reflect the time zone I’ve been traveling in.

Thankfully there is a fairly quick fix for this in Lightroom Classic. Here’s how to change the time on some or all of your images.

First, click on a single image and then Command/Control-A to select all of them. Once they are all selected scroll down the control panel to the Metadata section

Find the Capture Time field and click on the three lines to the right of the box, which will be empty.

The Edit Capture Time dialogue box opens up.

In the Edit Capture Time dialogue box, choose the type of time change you want to make. In my case, I wanted to adjust for the time zone difference. London is six hours ahead of Chicago, so I chose Shift by set number of hours (time zone adjust). You also have the option of adjusting to a specific date/time or changing to the file’s creation date.

Then under New Time, click on the 0 (zero) and choose the correct number of hours to adjust the time to where you were. I chose the +6 option.

Choose Change All and all of your images from that day of your trip will be changed to the actual time you shot them. Repeat this process as needed for each day (depending on how you import your images).

You may have to readjust some of your images in their folders if you import and file by month/date, as time differences can mean that instead of shooting at midnight your time you were, in reality, shooting at 6 a.m. London time the following morning.