You might have missed that the Photofocus team has been hard at work creating great presets for Lightroom. It’s part of our partnership with Mosaic (be sure to check out the Lightroom Learning Center).

Photofocus contributor Lisa Robinson offers up one from her wedding and portrait business. It’s totally free and you can get it here. (Plus don’t miss ones by Nicolesy, Levi Sim, and Rich Harrington that you can download here).

Enjoy this new, free Lightroom preset, called Rose Split Tone, to give your photos a beautifully aged, retro look. Also, heres a little backstory on how Lisa came to develop this preset.

I don’t typically employ presets as I find many of them constricting to creativity. This wedding, however, jumped into mind when you asked me about creating this preset. It was just 3 days ago, so it was super fresh in my mind. They had very traditional DC feel. Full mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, reception at the historic old mansion, the Meridian House. The groom even recreated a portrait of his grandfather in Meridian Hill Park from 1932.

The dress was modern but called back to an earlier Era with its empire waist, lace details, and high neckline. The lines, color, and style grooms tux was a bit retro. All the florals and details were soft blush, gold and cream tones. It inspired me to make this preset that was of the same vein of those details; a split tone of a dusty pink and bluish shadows reminded me of aged photo papers, the muting of the highlights added the soft, matte look of all the other colors and materials the wedding incorporated.

Lisa specializes in wedding & portrait photography and is lead photographer and co-founder of DC-based, SoftBox Media Photography.