We love giving away free stuff.  Our partners over at Perfectly Clear have recently released a totally free plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom called Perfect Exposure.  It will cost you an email address, but no money, and will work forever (this isn’t a trial).  The plugin is really cool (in fact several writers at photofocus created the custom presets it comes with).

photo by Scott Bourne
photo by Scott Bourne

Perfect Exposure for Photoshop and Lightroom is the perfect tool for any photographer or designer. With eight great presets to solve the most common exposure problems, this fast, easy-to-use plug-in can bring out the details in any image, even dark photos. Spend less time editing and have more time behind your camera.

So, why should you use Perfect Exposure over manual tools?  Well it’s got some really cool tech under the hood.

  • Automatic Exposure.  Just as your eyes gather light, Perfectly Clear corrects exposure pixel by pixel. This means you can run it in auto mode on just about any image and get great exposure and contrast.
  • Professional Presets. The team at Photofocus designed 8 presets to solve tough exposure problems.
  • Vivid Color. Unlike any other exposure tools, colors won’t wash out as you fix exposure problems. Colors stay rich and true, never clipping.
  • Great Depth.  Perfect Exposure uses patented algorithms that intensifies the dynamic range to add depth.  If you like Clarity and Dehaze, you’ll love depth.
  • Diffused Light. Get a softer look with beautiful warm tones than can improve any image.

The plugin is totally free for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photoshop Elements.  You can get it here and I highly recommend it.