To become proficient at editing, you have to practice being efficient. The easiest way to accomplish this is to analyze your editing workflow. When you catch yourself repeating the same task over and over again, stop and think about how you can get the same effect by cutting down steps. You could create a Look, relying on the power of artificial intelligence. This is how I’ve learned to become proficient at being able to take a blah photo and make it beautiful by simply starting with Accent AI in Luminar FLEX.

How Accent AI enhances a photo

Accent AI uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze an image and automatically improves its color, detail, tone and depth of the image with just one slider. This sounds futuristic and it kind of is! The mystery goes away when you realize how the engineers accomplished this. They asked for thousands of before and after images from many top professional photographers and trained the software to mimic our editing styles. How cool is that? Plus they are always working on ways to improve it. The latest, Accent AI 2.0, is now human-aware — meaning it recognizes subjects in the image and adjusts skin tones appropriately.

It’s easier to show the results (and a lot more fun)

Here’s a quick 1-minute video showing how — with just one slider — Accent AI can take a blah photo and make it beautiful.

This doesn’t mean we should become a lazy photographer and rely on software to make our images look great. Accent AI takes that photo that we thought could be amazing, and turns it into reality. Starting each edit with Accent AI will cut down your editing workflow, helping you become proficient at making a blah photo look beautiful.

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Lead photo by Ivan Kutanin