I have been playing a bit with the new standalone version of Excire Foto, a great search tool to easily sort through your images. This version is great if you don’t use additional software like Lightroom Classic for cataloging and editing your photos.

If you want to search for a particular type of photo you can easily search your folders. It’s great for finding faces and landscapes, structures or even color. I wrote a post about loading your folders and finding faces recently. I mostly photograph people and still life, so I found the find faces pretty cool. There is another pretty cool feature too …

Finding people in Excire Foto

I know the name is a little confusing, but if you have loaded your folders and have a particular person in your images you wish to find, it is fabulous. I created a little video, so it’s super easy to see what I mean:

It doesn’t even matter if the person you are looking for is on their own or in a group, it still finds them! Now that can be really handy.

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