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In this article, I’m going to show you how you can enhance the look of your photographs using Looks in Perfectly Clear Complete (PCC). A look applies a grade or unique colorization to your photograph. It does this without changing previous settings. In this example, I am using PCC as a plugin from within Photoshop. I do much of my editing and grading this way.  Normally I would apply these Looks at a lower setting than what you see here. I applied them at 100% so that you can easily see how each look changed the original.

So here’s the original photograph letting PCC do the RAW processing (not Adobe Camera RAW).

Now let’s take a look at the Looks section. I’ve collapsed all the other sections so we can focus just on Looks. Be sure the click on the small circle to the left of LOOKs to turn that section on and then check the box next to Looks below then LOOKS section bar to activate it.

By clicking on the downward-pointing triangle in Group you can see the Looks that come with PCC. There are additional Looks you can purchase. Click on the Buy More button below Strength slider to check them out.

Now we’re going to take a look at the Group Vivid Landscapes. First, we select Vivid Landscapes in the Group drop-down list. Once we do that then there are three options available in the LOOK drop-down list.

We also have an Amount slider so you can control how much of the look is applied to the photograph. In these examples, I’ve left the Amount slider to 100% so you can more easily see differences online. In actual practice, you might choose to use more or less. Yes, you can have more than 100% in the Strength slider for an added boost.

So let’s start with the Vibrant and Saturated LOOK and see how that compares to the original processed RAW with Amount Slider at 100%.

Now let’s look at Cooler and Vibrant with Amount Slider at 100%.

Finally, the Warmer and Vibrant with Amount Slider at 100%.

Looks in Perfectly Clear is a tool to help you create that unique look and feel you want in your photographs. It comes with 42 Looks in four categories to get you started. You can also purchase additional Looks below. As you explore Looks and apply them, you may want to go back and make adjustments to previous settings to fine-tune the look. The best way to learn them is to explore them with your creativity.

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