Photoshop has been changing as creatives find more uses for the program. In Photoshop CC, Adobe removed Save for Web and Devices in favor of a new Export wizard that’s so much more powerful. Not only can it save a PNG or JPEG file, but it can also export elements to Adobe Illustrator, create Color Lookup Tables, and even render video.

Just from habit, I would always go into the Export As option to save out a JPEG for web. Every time I went to Export, it would reset to the default settings. It’s frustrating, especially when you want to save a bunch of files out the same way. So I dug through the menus and found the Export Preferences screen. You can access it from File > Export > Export Preferences. 

In the Export Preferences screen I was able to set a Quick Export format. By default, it was set to PNG. I prefer to share JPEG, so I selected JPEG from the format dropdown. And I set the quality slider to 60 because these images usually go to the web.

For Quick Export Location, I opted to have Photoshop ask me where to save the files each time. It wasn’t appealing to me to have another folder called JPEG for these exported files.

You can add metadata if you’d like. Photoshop can automatically add copyright and contact info to the exported image. My images are usually coming from Lightroom (if they’re my own), so I know they already have copyright info embedded.

Lastly, when exporting to web it’s important to convert the JPEG to sRGB. You may be using Profoto RGB or Adobe RGB (1998) to work with in Photoshop, but sRGB offers the best color compatibility for the web.

Now it’s really easy to Quick Export a JPEG from Photoshop using the Export wizard.