There are times when shooting inner-city photographs and cityscapes that I’m just not able to get the angle I want without introducing distortion into my photographs. Below, I’ll take a quick look at using the Keystone correction tool in Capture One Pro 20 (CO20) to correct the perspective in these kinds of photographs.

While Keystone adjustments can be done manually using the sliders, I prefer doing this visually using the cursor markers to mark the lines that should be parallel in the image. The way the Keystone tool works is that we tell it what lines are vertical and/or horizontal using the visual cursors and CO20 adjusts the image perspective based on that information.

In this image I looking for long vertical lines in the brickwork as close to the edge of the image. In the video, you’ll see the lines I chose for CO20 to use. There are times when I use the visual cursors and then go back and manually adjust the sliders to taste. Another thing to note is that CO20 will crop the image after you’ve made the Keystone adjustments.

Here’s the original image.

Here are the horizontal and vertical, horizontal only and vertical only keystones.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out this new version. You’ll find a 30-day free trial to Capture One Pro 20 here.