We heard from a few of you that you were having trouble with Aurora HDR 2018 preset packs.  We went to the source and got you an answer.

Our developers are aware of this issue. It will be fixed in the next update. However, there is a workaround – if you load a photo in Aurora HDR first and after that will try to add a preset pack, it should install without a crash.

Be sure to see the updated instructions below on how to install new presets.

We’re super excited about the new Aurora HDR 2018 from Macphun. To celebrate, here’s a free collection of 10 presets that you can use as a starting point.

Click Here to Save on Aurora HDR 2018

To Install

  1. Download the presets for free here.
  2. Make sure you have Aurora HDR 2018 (try it now).
  3. Launch Aurora HDR 2018 and open an image.
  4. Choose File > Add Custom Preset Pack.

To Use a Preset

In order to save time when developing your image, you’ll find an extensive collection of presets. Professional photographers from around the world have helped us create a comprehensive group of presets that give your images amazing enhancements in a single click.

To apply a preset:

  1. Make sure an image is open in Aurora HDR 2018.
  2. If the Preset Panel isn’t visible, click its button in the Top Toolbar. 
The Preset Panel will open at the bottom edge of the screen. You can click the Preset Panel button in the Top Toolbar to toggle displaying and hiding the presets filmstrip bar on the bottom of the window.
  3. Examine the presets available by exploring their thumbnails at the bottom of the page. Each offers a live preview as what the image would look like with the Preset applied.
  4. Click on a Preset thumbnail to apply it. All the preset settings of the current preset are immediately applied to the image. A gold frame highlights the current preset.
  5. You can quickly switch presets by clicking on a new thumbnail. To view all the presets in a given category, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the horizontal scrollbar located at the bottom of the Aurora 2018 window.
  6. If you hover your mouse over a preset an Amount slider is revealed, with the default set to 100% opacity. By moving the Amount slider located within the Preset name you can lower the intensity that the effect has on your image.
  7. Click the Star icon on a preset thumbnail to add it to your Favorites list for easy access