This morning, Adobe announced new features and updates to Premiere Pro, including the public release of its Remix feature. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Remix lets users intelligently re-time music clips to match video content.

Also included in the update was a speed bump to Speech to Text, generating accurate transcriptions up to 3x faster. Speech to Text also now supports offline usage.

Remix, powered by Adobe Sensei

Remix, powered by Adobe Sensei, uses artificial intelligence to analyze the song and generate a new mix that fits the desired duration, whether shorter or longer than the original. Remix works so fast that it is easy to try out different arrangements using sliders in the Essential Sound panel.

Until now, an editor could only fade music in and out, or had to make precision cuts with the razor tool to manually assemble a new arrangement, a process which can take hours. Remix does this in seconds.

A flexible, faster Speech to Text

Speech to Text sees transcriptions up to 3x faster on Intel Core i9 and Apple M1 computers, and is typically 2x faster on other current processors. The English language pack, which is installed automatically, allows for offline transcriptions. 12 other supported languages can also be installed via the application or Creative Cloud Desktop, and will be updated on an ongoing basis with future releases.

Faster exports for 10-bit 4:2:0 HEVC and other improvements

Editors and creators who are delivering HDR content can now export projects up to 10x faster on Windows systems with Intel or NVIDIA graphics. 10-bit footage includes more color information, allowing for beautiful HDR imagery, but requiring more processing to encode. Hardware acceleration takes advantage of the GPU to speed up those exports.

New Linear Wipe and Block Dissolve GPU-accelerated effects

The latest release of Premiere Pro also ships with GPU acceleration for Linear Wipe and Block Dissolve effects. GPU acceleration means better playback and faster exports when using these effects. To date over 70 percent of Premiere Pro effects have been GPU-accelerated.

Canon EOS R5 C camera support

The latest update for Premiere Pro also adds support for the new Canon EOS R5 C.