In addition to today’s updates to Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, Adobe has released an update for Premiere Pro. The company also teased some Adobe Sensei features that are on the horizon for Premiere Pro, After Effects and Premiere Rush.

Premiere Pro updates

Adobe Stock audio integration

You can now browse through the Adobe Stock library and integrate audio clips into your Premiere Pro videos. This new module in Premiere Pro allows you to search through thousands of royalty-free music tracks, and also preview them using Timeline Sync.

You can complete an entire edit and mix with un-watermarked preview audio files. Only license the music you want to use once you’re completely satisfied.

When you are ready to license, it’s easy to do so without leaving Premiere Pro. Simply license your tracks inside the Essential Sound panel or from the Project panel.

New features powered by Adobe Sensei, coming soon

Scene Edit Detection (Premiere Pro)

Analyze exported or archived video files and identify edits with pinpoint accuracy. Scene Edit Detection will automatically add cuts or markers at each edit point, turning rendered files into editable timelines and enabling per-clip adjustments, such as color correction or reframing.

Roto Brush 2 (After Effects)

Originally introduced as Project Fast Mask, Roto Brush 2 uses Adobe Sensei to generate more accurate mattes when separating foreground and background elements in video sequences. Paint over the object you want to isolate in a reference frame, including edge refinements for hair or other textures. Roto Brush 2 will track the object automatically, following its motion so you can avoid time-consuming manual frame-by-frame rotoscoping.

Auto Reframe (Premiere Rush)

First introduced in Premiere Pro, Auto Reframe will let Premiere Rush users keep the most important part of their shots in frame, while switching between different aspect ratios. Auto Reframe will let you reformat content for social media channels no matter what device you’re working on, including your phone.

Pan and Zoom (Premiere Rush)

Future releases of Premiere Rush will offer a new Effects panel, including Auto Reframe, transitions and Pan and Zoom, another motion effect currently in development. Pan and Zoom will allow the user to pan across still images and zoom in our out.

Users interested in trying out some of the above features can download public beta builds from the Creative Cloud desktop application.