With the new year officially underway, now’s a great time to update your metadata for your images. Metadata can be exported to your image, so when someone opens a photo, they can see things like a copyright notice, date, camera/lens EXIF data and more.

With Capture One, you have a plethora of different options to customize your metadata. While this doesn’t ensure you’re protected against image theft (be sure to register them with the Library of Congress), it does give you an easy way to make the ownership of your images known.

Adding copyright information during import

In the import dialog screen, you can expand a Metadata tool. This is pretty basic, allowing you to add a Copyright and Description. Out of the box, I add the year, followed by my business name, to the Copyright line.

Get more options with the Metadata tool tab

If you want to add additional details to the metadata of your image, open the Metadata tool tab in Capture One. This will give you a ton of options — you can even add some metadata fields specific to Getty Images!

If you added a copyright line in the import process, it’ll show up toward the bottom of the tool tab, under Copyright Notice. But you can also add things like your name in the Creator field, the location of your image, an email to contact you and your website.

And for each image, you can add things like a headline and description, which certain websites like Flickr will automatically attach to your image when you share it. When you export your image, just be sure that Copyright is checked, along with any other information you’d like to include. If you don’t see Metadata while exporting, click the Show all options checkbox in the lower left corner of the Export dialog box.