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Cheating Blue Skies in Lightroom

We all know that there’s a right way to do things and a “cheating” way, but it doesn’t matter which one you use as long as the end result is

Photomatix Pro Version 6 is Now Shipping

I’m super excited that a new version of Photomatix Pro is now shipping.  The application is a welcome update that adds a bunch of useful features that make it easier to

HDR and the Traveling Photographer

Note: To learn more about HDR visit our HDR Learning Center produced in partnership with HDRsoft. I have learned, as a traveling photographer, that no matter how much planning I do

HDR 101: Shooting Brackets

Human eyes are incredible for viewing the world and seeing into shadows and highlights all at the same time. The basis of HDR photography is making several exposures at varying

Selective Sharpening in Lightroom

Sharpening helps your picture have a little more punch and can allow details to pop and draw attention. If you sharpen the entire image, however, you’ll end up with visible

Photomatix OneShot original and OneShot

Photomatix OneShot Makes Photos POP!

There are hundreds of filters and presets available for making photographs into “something else” in Photoshop, Lightroom or with other software packages. One of my favorites comes from from HDRsoft

Using HDR To Augment Your Artistic Vision

Your artistic vision as a photographer is projected through the choices you make in creating your images. These choices include a subject or theme, focal length of lenses, camera settings, composition, framing

New to Photomatix? Start with a Preset

The photo above is the normal exposure of a Waffle House near my studio. Periodically the company remodels one of their restaurants. I saw this one was under what looked

Get Started With Photomatix

HDR photography is a gift of the digital age. To a one-time film photographer like me, it’s magic. I never imagined that one day I would be blending together bracketed images to

Enter to win a new camera, a Fotopro tripod and monopod, plus much more!

It’s our birthday, and we want to celebrate with you! Check out our 21st birthday contest and enter to win a new camera, Drobo 8D, X-Rite calibration tools, XPozer prints, Skylum software and more!

Plus, by entering you’re automatically eligible to win one of our monthly prizes. This month we’re giving away a Fotopro prize package and a gift card from B&H Photo!