Today, WANDRD announced the PRVKE 2.0 Backpack. The company has added added storage both inside and out, with a newly padded back and enhancements across the board.

I had the chance to test out the PRVKE 2.0, and I have to say … the improvements have taken my favorite backpack to the next level. It’s solved a few minor complaints I had about the original version. Long story short, the best backpack is better than ever.

Along with the enhancements, WANDRD also announced the backpack in two new sizes — a 41L and a Lite (11L). We’ll be reviewing the PRVKE Lite soon, but below is my full review on the PRVKE 31L Backpack.

Optimizing storage inside and out

The most obvious change that you’ll see to the PRVKE is added pockets on the laptop/tablet sleeve right when you open the backpack. There are three new pockets on this, for things like memory cards, pens and pencils, batteries and more. This is probably my favorite new feature, as it allows me to carry more without having to squeeze in small accessories and having them loose in the backpack.

The other big change is the top webbed compartment has been redesigned. This is more secure due to a closure point in the middle, yet also lets you get to your gear quicker by “ripping” it apart.

The liner flap that covered the camera cube compartment has also been removed. I’m a bit torn on this one, mainly because I’ve had this save my gear when a zipper failed in the original version of this backpack (which was replaced by the company). Still, it offers quicker access to my gear, and I certainly can’t complain about that.

On the exterior of the bag, you’ll find an expanded passport pocket (which is so hidden I didn’t see it at first). This is great for not only carrying passports, but papers and other documents you need while traveling.

There’s also a new luggage pass-through strap, a welcome addition. As someone who frequently travels when there’s not a global pandemic, I look forward to utilizing this with my luggage when I’m inevitably delayed at the airport.

Finally, the fleece lined pocket on outside of the upper compartment has been moved slightly, meaning that it’ll no longer hang.

Added comfort

The one issue I had with the original PRVKE was that the straps would occasionally slide down my shoulders, especially while wearing a winter coat. This problem is a thing of the past, as the straps now fit much better than before.

The straps also have extra padding, and aren’t quite as wide.

I wore the PRVKE for roughly five hours on Saturday for a series of back-to-back photoshoots outdoors. The added padding made a huge difference. I also found that the bag kept me a bit cooler, as it didn’t seem to warm me up quite as much as before. This is a major win in my book.

Finally, there’s also a redesigned sternum strap that makes it easy to take off and on. I found that, when attached, it was very secure. It was just as easy to just pull on it and remove it, though. This is a great design, and I see several other ways that this can be used with other accessories.

New sizes and accessory straps

The biggest change with the new 41L size you’ll see is the depth of the bag, which has been increased by 1.5 inches. This is great for photographers who have cameras with a battery grip, cinema cameras and more. This fits the Essential Deep and Pro Deep camera cubes that are also announced today.

The PRVKE 41L size is capable of holding not only cameras with a battery grip, but also larger cinema cameras.

On the other side of the spectrum, the PRVKE Lite is an 11L bag with a built-in camera cube and streamlined features. Retailing for $219, this bag is meant for those with smaller setups. Photographers with point and shoot cameras, rangefinder-style bodies or micro four-thirds cameras will definitely want to check this out.

The PRVKE Lite (11L)

In addition to the new sizes, WANDRD announced new Premium Accessory Straps, which are meant to. be used with the Dual Adjust System on the new backpacks. These straps let you secure a wide array of gear to your backpack, and feature a magnetic quick release buckle, webbing tail management, reflective logo print (for better visibility) and new colors.

Is it worth the upgrade?

I had a raised eyebrow when I first heard about the updated PRVKE — would there be enough there to justify purchasing this? After using it for a little over a week, I can say without a doubt that there is.

The added comfort and extra storage are major upgrades for me. As someone who needs comfort for those long shoots and wants to carry everything with them, the updated PRVKE Backpack takes what I loved about the original and makes it that much better.

If you’ve been wanting to get a backpack that’s reliable, comfortable and can hold all your gear, look no further. There’s several great backpacks out there. But the PRVKE? The PRVKE stands in a class on its own.


Ready for wherever you wander, the new PRVKE is now even more comfortable, has more organization and accessibility, and more versatility. The new PRVKE also comes in two new sizes — 41L and Lite (11L).