GoPro cameras have become incredibly popular for capturing point-of-view and action shots (both photo and video). They’e also an excellent way for a photographer to get behind the scenes footage or time lapses of a project while working. The camera itself is a little awkward to hold though due to its small size. Hence the need for something to mount it to.

Enter the GoPro 3-Way (yes they trademarked it, and I am sure they giggled as they asked their lawyers to do so).


What Is It?

The GoPro 3-Way offers three ways of holding or supporting a GoPro camera. You can use it as:

  • Extension Arm. In other words a self stick if you point the camera back at yourself or use it to get a high or low angle shot of your subject to add some visual interest.
  • Grip. An ergonomic way to hold the camera to get smoother handheld shots.
  • Tripod. Useful for tabletop or low angle shots. Can be attached to the extension arm for more reach or stability. Not great for high winds, but okay for many scenarios.


My Take

Normally, I’m not a big fan of all-in one products. This one’s an exception as it does a pretty good job at solving problems without adding a lot of weight to my GoPro kit. Opening the unit is simple, when closing be sure to press the silver button on the side so it shuts all the way closed.

With a 20″ reach, it does a nice job of getting high and low angle shots. It’s also not too long (I hate how dangerous the selfie-stick crowd can be). When folded up the grip is a little bulky, but it works well. The unit also stood up well on a diving trip and was designed for both in and out of the water uses with no wear and tear.

Here’s vide review


Buying Advice

The unit is a little pricy (around $55 street price) but it works well. The unit of course has knockoff versions availalbe like this one which seems to be made in the same plant and only lacks the official logo. I own the real version and have been very happy with its performance. I have better grips, arms, and tripods… but when space is a premium… this lightweight unit does the trick nicely. Recommended.