You probably use headphones often–if nothing else, you use them to listen to the Photofocus podcast when you’re on the go, right? I use mine for monitoring sound while shooting videos on my camera, while working on photos on my laptop in cafés, and for talking on the phone hands-free. If you’re like me, then your headphones probably get tangled everytime you put them into your pocket. No matter how carefully you coil them, they always end up tangled, and it’s a little frustrating to get them sorted out. This is the problem Cordskinz solves and it solves it elegantly.

What is it?

Cordskinz is a skin for your headphone cords that keeps them from tangling. It’s like a long thin tube that your cords go through. I don’t know why it works, but it’s awesome. No matter how you wrap your headphones up, they come untangled almost instantly with Cordskinz.

They come in a huge variety of colors, which can be mixed and matched for some fun and to help tell the right ear from the left. You get two long skins in each package, and they are more than long enough for all kinds of headphones.

How’s it work?

The skin has a fine slit along its full length that allows you to slip it over the cord, but don’t bother trying to do this by hand. Cordskinz comes with a simple little tool to help you get the skin onto the cords and it works perfectly and intuitively. You’ll have no trouble getting them on. The only thing you need that doesn’t come in the kit is a pair of scissors to cut the skins to length.

Cordskinz are simple and useful and inexpensive. At just US$9.99 each, or three for the price of two, it’s a terrific gift idea even for the people on your list who are really hard to shop for. Check them out at

Highly recommended.