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Got A New Camera? Get Luminar Pluto, Too

Luminar, by Macphun, is a photo finishing tool for Mac computers, and I’m really impressed. It’s simple and intuitive to use. I think if you’re a new photographer that this

Using 2 Cameras? Make It Easy: Sync the Time

It is a tragedy to not make a picture because you don’t want to deal with post production. Yet, many photographers have exactly this feeling–that photography has become a burden.

How I Got the Shot

I’m often asked… “How I got the shot?” I answered the phone. Nothing frustrates me more than when I ask someone “Why didn’t you call back?”, and the response is

Professional Photography Rant

OK. This is my first and as far as I am concerned, only rant. The genesis for this rant began in 1888 with the introduction by George Eastman of a

Age Doesn’t Matter

This is an opinion piece that’s directed to all ages. Stop looking at your driver’s license or a calendar. Rather start looking to each other to learn and grow. Age

Are You Losing Photography Clients?

Recently at Adobe MAX, I was speaking to some other professionals. They wanted to know what they could due to attract more clients and retain existing ones. I shared a