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Scott Bourne and Richard Harrington sit down to answer your questions:

 1: from Jan in San Diego

 My Dad used to shoot film and looking at his old prints there were obvious signs of film grain. Current digital photography seems to be all about “noiseless” images. I would like to get the look that my Dad got from film. Is there something wrong with that?

 2: from Susan in Houston, TX

 I am building a portfolio and I have limited work to pick from because I have only been seriously pursuing photography for two years. Is it okay to use the same model in different shots in the port – or how about shots from the same location?

 3: From Tom in Oklahoma City, OK

 How necessary is a photography degree in order to succeed in the photo business?

4: From Robbie in Hilo, HI

 I photograph kids and my competitors all soften the children’s skin in post. I think that it looks unnatural – I don’t see the need with children who already have perfect skin. But the competition has created an expectation with their work that has me second guessing what I do. What would you do?

 5: From Tony in St. Louis, MO

 I use a color calibration tool on my computer monitor – should I use on my iPad?

 6: From Sandy in SLC, UT

 Why use a color checker card v. just an old fashioned gray card?

 7: From Elliot in NYC, NY

 I want to use a softbox but I only have a standard Canon flash unit. Is there a way to mount a standard camera flash inside a softbox?

 8: From Sam in Yakima, WA

 I am a beginning street photographer – what lenses would you recommend in terms of focal length and aperture?

 9: From Peter from Inver Grove Heights, MN

 What is the exposure triangle? As a beginner is this something I need to learn?

 10: From Anderson from Elko, NV

 What’s your advice regarding memory cards? Do you recommend the big cards, the fast cards or both? Are the more expensive high-end cards worth the money?