A reminder, we’ve got a great free webinar today all about traveling and taking pictures.  You can watch the event for free live (and ask questions) or just bookmark this post and watch the replay.

When: Today, Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 2:00 pm ET | 11:00 am PT

Where: Visit this page to sign in to view (or watch the video below). You must be present to win and ask questions.

Why: To learn how to travel safe and never lose a picture or video again.

A Mobile Storage Workflow for Photographers

Join us for this month’s hangout.  We’ll be tackling A Mobile Storage Workflow for Photographers.  This workflow benefits photographers and video creators of all levels.  The techniques also work with all brands of hard drives and equipment.  Taking your camera on the road can add all sorts of extra challenges.  Being away from home or office leads to all sorts of bad backups, putting your pictures at risk.  In this free webinar we tackle how to keep your images safe when you’re on the road.

This Storage hangout is hosted by Rich Harrington and features pro photographer Levi Sim. We’re also joined by Mark Fuccio as our special guest to help us backup our photos and preserve our pictures from inevitable drive failures. Mark makes data management so simple. You’re gonna learn valuable skills.

We kick off Tuesday, October 11th at 2:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 pm Central, 12:00 am Mountain, and 11:00 am Pacific. 

The Complete Agenda

Here’s a detailed look at what’s being covered.

A Mobile Storage Workflow for Photographers

  1. Common Travel Scenarios
    • Traveling for clients
    • Traveling for fun
    • Extended travel situations
  2. Why Backup while Traveling
    • Client requirements
    • Peace of mind
    • Data loss events
  3. Essential Equipment for Field Backups
    • Dedicated card reader(s)
    • Two hard drives
    • Memory card storage cases
    • Power strip
    • Why RAID
  4. Choosing the right connection types
    • Thunderbolt
    • USB3
    • USBc
  5. Keeping gear safe
    • Soft cases
    • Pelican cases
    • Carry-on vs. check
    • Removing drives vs. leaving in place
  6. Creating Verified Copies
    • Copying with Carbon Copy Cloner
    • Copying with Adobe Prelude
    • Copying with Lightroom
  7. Creating a dedicated catalog on Lightroom
    • Creating a smaller catalog
    • Making edits
    • Saving to sidecar files
    • Saving to DNG
    • Merging to a larger catalog
  8. Working with Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw
    • Making edits in Camera Raw
    • Saving to sidecar files
    • Merging to a larger catalog
  9. Working on the Road
    • Backing up edits to the Cloud
    • Using Dropbox
    • Using Drobo Access
    • Sharing files with Clients or Collaborators
  10. Road Warrior Advice
    • Hotel safety
    • Foreign Travel
    • Handling power variations
    • Getting through the Airport Safely
  11. 3-2-1 Backup on the Go
    • Two Hard Drives
    • Keep Original Cards
    • Upload Essentials
    • Shipping
    • Carrying
    • A Leave Behind