Rob and I have heard lots of people mention that they wish there was an automatic way to get their photographs into Lightroom after finishing them in Photoshop. Or we hear of people who won’t “bother” with Lightroom because you “have” to use Bridge to work in Photoshop anyway. Let me tell you, comments like these make us want to run to the airport so we can sit down one on one and show how simple and automatic it is to work with Photoshop and Lightroom together, and there’s no re-importing, or messing up file structures.

There and Back Again: Lightroom and Photoshop Round Trip Workflow
Wednesday, March 19,2014
4:00 PM EDT – 5:00 PM EDT

We’re so excited about this topic that we’re doing a whole hangout this Wednesday afternoon. And you gotta join us because we’ll have Lesa Snider live on the show to help us show you how to make your workflow sing. Gerard Murphy from Mosaic Archive will also be in the house to help us stay organized (and provide some killer prizes–must be present to win).

  • Lesa Snider is a world renowned Photoshop and Lightroom expert–you’ve probably seen her tutorials online–she’s always teaching. She makes even the most complex tools and techniques simple to understand and empowers photographers with greater skills. We’re so pleased to have her join us. Follow Lesa on
  • Gerard Murphy and Mosaic have made it possible to take your Lightroom catalogue–the entire catalogue–with you anywhere you go. He’s a wiz in Lightroom, and he always cuts through the confusion with simple tips for making your photographic life simpler. Join Gerard on
  • Rob Sylvan is KelbyOne’s Lightroom expert, a terrific photographer, and a wonderful teacher. I always come away reinvigorated with new skills for Lightroom, and I know you’ll enjoy the show. Follow Rob on